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The lack of inventory management can kill your business. You need it to make money, but if you don’t control it, it will devour your profits. Most businesses don’t control their inventory well because it’s too hard. It takes too long. Too many processes require manual steps and endless hours with spreadsheets. 

I love solving problems. A few years after launching Destinations Consulting I was ready to solve problems on a larger scale. Solving problems one practice at a time is rewarding but I needed to create something that has a larger impact for more people. 

My other secret LOVE is technology. It puts me at the GEEK table at parties but I can’t help myself. I’m always interested in the latest tech toys. 

Now that I have clued you into how I think you can probably see my thoughts like bubbles above my head - I love big problems. Inventory is a big problem that doesn't have good solutions. I'm a geek - Is there something new that I could use to better solve this long term painful issue.  RFID. Wait. WHAT?!? Ooooo. That could work!

The WAVE RFID project did not happen overnight. Doug Johnson and I spent a lot of time on research. We looked at various inventory and asset management systems and put together a list of what we thought those products did right. We also researched RFID technology and how and where it was being used successfully. At first the RFID equipment vendors told us the same thing - RFID is hard, are you sure you want to do this? Why don’t you find someone else to do that for you? 

This leads to my next personality reveal - I am STUBBORN! We chose not to take their advice and to go it alone. Doug got RFID certification and I can proudly say these are our products. We wrote the applications for the readers and the cloud inventory management software from the ground up. 

So, to answer the question - why inventory? Inventory management is critical to profits and ignored by most practices and software vendors. There is cool technology, like RFID, that can make the process easier. No one else is offering a good solution because it is a challenge to design and implement. This sounds fun to me! Let’s do it!


Thanks Dr. Salsberg! We are excited to get started.
We are looking forward to working with you and the Wave team to bring inventory management to the next level
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