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WaveRFID defines a catalog as a type of specific inventory with unique characteristics . All inventory items have basic information in common (such as manufacturer, vendor and cost) but they may also have criteria that is specific and mission critical. For example, an optical frame requires elements such as eye size, bridge size and temple size. In addition to these specific data points inventory items may require unique functionality such as returns, credit tracking or service history. Our goal at WaveRFID is to provide you with a single solution that keeps the things you want to track in a single data source but allows you to interact with them in the way that is most appropriate for their use. Our initial release offers the following catalogs: Optical Frames, Frames Marketing and Asset Management. As we grow we will be expanding our offerings. In 2019 look for drugs, clinic supplies and ASC (ambulatory surgery center) supplies.


Frames CatalogOptical Frames

The frames catalog presents unique opportunities to function both in the form of inventory management but also as a point of sale tool to enhance sales. Frames can have unlimited images associated with each style and color combination. When your opticians work with customers they have the selling tools they need at their fingertips.

The management area makes it simple to print tags (barcodes supported for other POS systems), track orders, backorders, returns, credits, sales, transfers and adjustments (lost, broken or stolen items). The count function interfaces with our android reader to send your tags to the cloud. 1000 frames can be counted in 7 minutes. You can easily know what is in your optical inventory and where it is.



Frames Marketing (Increase sales)

Since you have already built a fabulous inventory using our frames catalog we wanted to give you the opportunity to show it off. The marketing catalog is easily customized to color match your website, include your logo, and choose featured messages and frames. Your customers/patients can search by color, brand, shape, gender, material and price range. Include marketing messages about your brands and individual frames. The similar style automated search will offer suggestions based on the color, shape and brand of the selected item. Frames Marketing allows your customers to sell themselves.

frames marketing


Asset Management

When did we buy that? When was the last time it was serviced? Who is responsible to fix it when it breaks? Who has it? Just a few of the questions we have attempted to answer with our asset management catalog. Each asset has specific details such as purchase price, purchase date, who manages it, where is it located and if assigned to an individual - who has it? You will be able to attach unlimited documents such as invoices and manuals. Each item has an area to report and track problems as well as service history.

Asset Management


Security (Reduce shrinkage)

These small security tags trigger an alarm at a distance of up to 6 feet and can easily be read thru fabric. The material of the tag is difficult to tear or remove. It is the same material used for baggage tags by the airlines. The security unit has a small profile and can be mounted on a door frame or is available as free standing.