We are WaveRFID your 10 minute inventory solution! Many many years ago in a time when technology wasn’t able to keep up with our creative problem solving - we dreamed of a system where inventory could be accurately scanned for 1000 items in less that 10 minutes. Lucky for us and for you, that time is NOW!

WaveRFID is the child of Doug Johnson and Darla Shewmaker. We’d like to introduce it to you with the hope of solving your inventory problems today as well as tomorrow.

Who is WaveRFID?

We are a cloud SAAS software developer offering turn-key solutions for applications, tags and equipment (readers and security portals). Our software products can be used as a standalone system or in cooperation with other POS applications.  Learn more about our catalog application offerrings.


WaveRFID is an RFID Solution Provider to the Medical Industry

What is RFID Technology and why is it special?

Alien handheld barcode readerRFID is short for Radio-Frequency Identification. It utilizes Tags which are small electronic devices that consist of a chip and an antenna. The tags are read using a Reader that sends out a signal (via radio wave) that then bounces back to be collected and sent thru the cloud our software. Tags can be read at a distance up to 6 feet depending on the tag and strength of the reader.

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